Video Surveillance Made Easy. Teledata Technologies provides powerful, yet highly intuitive, cost-effective video surveillance products. From small, single-camera systems to large, scalable deployments with thousands of cameras. Teledata has the ideal security solution for nearly any application using video security products to improve surveillance by allowing end users to increase the protection of both people and property.

Teledata Technologies partners with the leading manufacturers of surveillance and provides the highest  quality cctv security systems in Las Vegas, Reno and Montana.  From commercial security to business security, Teledata Technologies leads in security with its wide range of cctv surveillance cameras.  These cctv surveillance cameras and ip security cameras include:

Additionally, video surveillance includes:

Large Scale, Intuitive Video Management System (VMS)

Single screen administration across multiple systems:

Maximize your commercial security or business security cameras by integrating the highest quality surveillance solutions in the industry.  Protect your establishment against possible theft and vandalism  with any of our industry leading cctv security cameras.  CCTV surveillance will give you the peace of mind you need, so you can focus on running your business.  As the leader of cctv security systems in Las Vegas, Reno and Montana, Teledata Technologies team of certified surveillance professionals will install your cctv surveillance system.

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