Teledata Technologies and Rauland-Borg Corporation have teamed up to offer industry leading Hospital and Skilled Nursing Homes solutions for your most challenging operations.  Now you can improve critical communications and link all of your systems to deliver even better, more integrated patient care.

Rauland is the innovative leader in critical healthcare communication solutions globally, providing exceptional local oversight to ensure seamless deployment and flawless operation of your system. Coupled with Teledata Technologies’ dedicated support team, makes Rauland the definitive choice.

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Capture All the Benefits of Rauland Responder® 5

Now you can improve critical communications and link all of your systems to deliver even better, more integrated patient care. Choose the best path to meet your needs and gain the benefits and performance of Responder® 5, along with significant savings.


Everything we do begins and ends with patient care

Patient Satisfaction

Responder 5 helps put the patient in control, allowing clear conversations between the patient and the caregiver – from specific patient requests to general reassurance that the caregiver is just a button press away.

  • Fast communications with needs known immediately
  • Reduced noise, benefiting patients and staff
  • Intelligent escalations help improve patient satisfaction and rising scores
  • No need for middleware


Improved Flow & Throughput

Responder 5 solutions yield improved responsiveness to patients from the entire care team, and across hospital departments.

  • Increase efficiencies and effectiveness in delivering patient care
  • Bridge the communications gap between departments and staff
  • Improve workflows, increase bed turns and manage procedure throughput


Staff Satisfaction

Responder is a hospital-wide, critical communications solution that improves Staff efficiency and reduces steps and stress in each caregiver’s day.

  • Improves direct staff-to-staff communication
  • Simplifies routines and synchronizes assignments
  • Reduces overhead paging
  • Makes real-time data on patient status readily available


Ongoing Support

Rauland ongoing 24/7 support is unparalleled, with standards across our network that ensure installations are uniform and successful.

  • Delivery of local service and training
  • Collaboration at every stage of a project implementation: from evaluation and goal definition to identification of technologies, implementation, and support



Patient Safety

Direct two-way communication from the EMR to the Responder system communicates patient status and information immediately to the point of care – so that all caregivers know the patient status in real time.

  • Corridor lights display real-time status
  • Levels of alerts are differentiated
  • Rounding reminders keep patient front and center
  • Audio bath stations permit direct voice communication


Integrated Technologies

You are making a sizeable investment in a system that is often expected to last 10 years or more.

  • Scale as needed, when needed, and grow to any size you reach
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Robust integration capabilities across your systems


Regulatory & Emergency Preparedness

Responder’s critical communications solution, with phone and RTLS integrations, can immediately identify who has contact, where and for how long.

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