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Access control provides security by giving flexible control over who and when persons are authorized to enter a building, rooms or a single site. The systems we build, install and maintain will keep your assets, company and employees secure.
Simply tailor access privileges to individuals or groups with our intuitive, user-friendly software. With the same simple software event reports can be easily generated within a few clicks. Installing and Maintaining the system is easy with our single-door architecture.
Our access control system can integrate with IP cameras, intrusion detection and Trigger and Actions”’ to extend the systems’ capabilities far beyond keyless entry.
All doors can be maintained from one single area.
Flexibility extends not only from user rights but also through a variety of determining factors including time, place, multi-credential, anti-tailgating and two-man rules also available.

Access control keyless entry Las Vegas

  • Enterprise- Multisite systems One point of control
  • Turn-Key system- No need to buy badging software. We can be your complete managed resource.
  • Custom Designed Systems
    • Smart Card and Biometric Systems
    • Vehicle Tags
    • Visitor Management System
    • Hosted Access Control
    • Full Risk Assessment
    • Scalable Design
    • Service and Installed
    • Keyless Entry

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