As your organization grows in size, it will inevitably face problems management your IT workload. In such situations, you will need to relocate to a larger building to take advantage of greater storage space for your computers and servers. Alternatively, you can move all of your offsite data in a data center to another to comply with various governing body compliance requirements or be required to move both data center and physical locations.

Data center deployment provides a multitude of advantages for your business.  Data center services significantly affect the efficiency of data flow and reduce interruptions that directly affect your business. Data center design gives you control and direct management of your IT assets as well as provide a higher level of security and efficiency that third-party cloud providers cannot offer.  Additionally, some of these third-party cloud providers may not carry the most up-to-date security certifications.

Teledata Technologies deploys data centers and has designed some of strongest in Switch Data Center in Las Vegas.  Switch Data Center in Las Vegas is a massive 2 million square foot property with the capabilities of delivering up to 315 MW of power, making it the most efficient data center structure in the world.  Switch is just one among many of the data centers Teledata Technolgies is proud to be a part of.

Data center services are expanding at an exponential rate as more and more businesses are wanting more control and protection of their data.  If you are interested in a higher scale of security, ease of management and efficiency of your data, consider Teledata Technologies, Las Vegas’ choice for data center design.


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Irrespective of the reason or circumstance under which your enterprise needs to move data and/or information systems, data center migration can be extremely costly and complex to achieve. To minimize system downtime issues or loss of data, place your confidence in Teledata Technologies to handle all of your data center relocation activities.

We offer systems that are designed to complement fast application growth, optimize processing resources investments, provide security of your enterprises crucial data, and manage data storage growth requirements in an efficient and effective manner.

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